Our Goal:

Pints Apparel was established with one simple goal, to put a stop to the poorly poured pints, and bad beer across the world. One evening at a dingy bar in Whistler, Canada, we realised just how often someone would pour a bad beer, or order a B*dweiser unironically. There was no platform to shame these people, and so Upsetting Pints was born. We returned from our season armed with the belief that we had to take this fight worldwide. Since then, we've grown from just shaming these bar beers, to a global community taking the stand against anyone against independent, locally sourced pleasing pints.

For clarities sake I am not perfect at pouring pints, but I'm just very anti Wethers***ns, they are the worst thing to happen to pub culture since the invention of taxation on beer. If you can, drink local & drink there often - fight back against the empire. 

Every item of clothing and merchandise bought will contribute to this fight. All items are designed, sourced and printed in the UK, to the highest standard. 

I am just a boy, standing in front of a bar, asking for a well poured pint of Asahi x 

Innovation & The Future

Born out of Lockdown and a hatred of corporate overlords, innovation and independence is at the heart of everything I do. This will be a safe space for new brands, designers and ideas. We aim to bring the art back into slow-fashion, where there is weight attached to every design, as well as sentimental value. Watch this space. 

Our Commitment to Sustainability and Climate Positivity: 

When your order is placed, we print the design onto stock t-shirts/jumpers using eco-friendly water based inks. This method, known as Print-to-Order, reduces the need to stockpile designs, stopping fast-fashion styled wastage (we see you Boohoo/Shein - you pagans).

We print on Stanley Stella garments, a company (not only with a great name) who work exclusively with organic blended cotton and recycled materials. All Stanley Stella clothing sources use at least the living wage for their workers. All garments are FairWear approved, meaning all workers living are working conditions are monitored, to ensure a quality of labour standards. 

All of our orders are sent using recycled packaging, and sent using Royal Mail, who have the UK's lowest average parcel carbon footprint. 

For every order, one tree is planted via the charity One Tree Planted. Learn more about our partnership here. Furthermore, 1% of all profits will be donated to One Tree Planted. 

Climate Positivity means going beyond achieving net zero carbon emissions to create a benefit, by removing additional CO2 from the atmosphere. As well as planting a tree with every order, we will also donate 1% of profits to The Ocean Cleanup Project. The Ocean Cleanup supports the large scale removal of plastic from our oceans. Every year, millions of tons of plastic enter the oceans, primarily from rivers. As a supporter, you help us work towards cleaner oceans. Learn more here

Mental Welfare

Being an organisation centred around drinking, partying and all that jazz, it is unfair to not admit drinking can have adverse effects on one's mental health. Even though one in four people in the UK suffer from mental health problems, most of us don't get the help we need. We want to encourage the conversation, and as such 1% of all profits will be donated to Mind Charity UK, the UK's leading mental health charity. Read more about Mind here


Much love, 


Harry xx